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Good day to you, citizens!

I’m finally jumping into the world of the blog. Friends have been bugging me to do it for while now, but I never made time. Now it seems I have TOO MUCH time on my hands, so I hope to entertain, enlighten, piss off (even if I don’t try), and maybe even give a few belly laughs to those who wander by. Sometimes I’m funny, sometimes morose, sometimes irascible, and sometimes crazy as bat shit. I’m kind of a free spirit who’s perfect day would be spent in La Jolla, California sitting on the beach and discussing the deeper meanings of life, and the afterlife, with a beautiful, intelligent woman while sharing a bottle of wine. The cheaper the wine, the better. And yeah, I’m kind of lazy and unfocused. So don’t expect me to blog every day. Cheers, and have a brilliant day (I’ve been watching some British television lately).


My Grandson and I

My Grandson and I

My wonderful grandson, Preston. Er….Preston is the baby.